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Transcode Monitor

Web Streaming, Mobile TV, OTT

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MComms Monitor Features

Most video encoding software and servers provide very limited (if any) ability to monitor the health of video streams. MComms Multiview provides an easy and reliable way to monitor multiple streams at the content level, with on-screen preview and SNMP traps.

Key Features

  • MComms Multiview connects to up to 30 streams simultaneously
  • Each video stream is displayed on screen at once like a multiview video wall
  • Visual indication of audio level by clicking on a stream
  • Tests all streams at the content level - faults with silent audio and frozen video to be detected
  • SNMP traps and log files generated if a stream fails for any reason
  • Works with many IP streaming formats


Benefits to Operators

  • Simplify monitoring of multiple streams
  • Test multiple streams at once
  • Reduces OPEX associated with monitoring of video stream health
  • Know before your customers that a video stream has failed



MComms Multiview is used by broadcasters and network operators at the forefront of video streaming operations. MComms Monitor is typically used in Network Operations Centres and by staff involved in production and maintenance of video streaming content.