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Transcode Monitor

Web Streaming, Mobile TV, OTT

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MComms Transcode Features

MComms Transcode converts live media streams from the internet, IPTV and capture cards into MobileTV video streams. A single video stream can be output in multiple formats such as H.263, MPEG4, H.264 and Windows Media.

Why MComms Transocde?


  • MComms Transcode converts Internet, IPTV and broadcast TV streams directly into multiple Mobile TV formats.
  • MComms Transcode outputs content for multiple handsets in multiple resolutions, bitrates and compression types at the same time.
  • MComms Transcode is the only mobile encoder with fully redundant inputs/outputs and instant failover.
  • Offer all content across Mobile TV, IPTV, DVB-H and web from a single encoder.


Key features


  • Transcodes live streams from internet content providers in MPEG2/4, Windows Media and most other formats
  • Patent-pending instant fail-over between redundant input streams
  • Handles errors and interruptions in the media streams and will automatically restart a stream if it is lost for some reason
  • Optimise the video with configurable cropping, resizing etc
  • Only transcoder on the market to offer audio dynamic range companding built-in
  • Offer all content across Mobile, IPTV, DVB-H and web from a single encoder
  • Up to 16 channels per server, each with redundant inputs and multiple outputs
  • Up to 16 output profiles\renditions in different formats, bitrates, resolutions, frame rates etc. per channel
  • Operator watermarks and logos can be added to the video image for branding purposes
  • SNMP Alarms for many events including failures of input streams