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Transcode Monitor

Web Streaming, Mobile TV, OTT

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Appleā€™s iPhone version 3.0 operating system (available as a free upgrade to all iPhone users) now provides the long awaited ability to watch live streaming TV without having install extra applications on all existing iPhone and iPod touch versions. MComms Transcode provides an ideal solution to encode live video into the new iPhone format, enabling broadcasters, content providers and mobile operators to extend their video services and deepen their market penetration.

Mobile network operators and content producers can now license MComms Transcode and offer live video services to all their subscribers regardless of their handset. With no client software required on the handset, MComms Transcode is the truly complete solution for encoding multi channel, fully redundant video streams.

MComms Transcode converts internet, IPTV and broadcast TV streams directly into multiple resolutions, bitrates and compression types for Mobile TV. MComms Transcode is the only mobile encoder with fully redundant inputs and instant failover and is capable of outputting up to 16 simultaneous profiles per channel including formats for the Apple iPhone.

MComms Transcode uses award winning AAC audio and H.264 video encoders to offer the highest quality experience in multiple bitrates on the supurb iPhone screen, all at a cost effective price.

We have seen strong demand for this new product from both existing customers who can quickly and simply upgrade to this new version of MComms Transcode and from operators wanting a reliable and cost effective solution to stream live and on demand video to all their subscribers. MComms Transcode is used by network operators and content providers globally to deliver innovative Mobile TV services to subscribers. Our customers include Telstra (Australia), Vodafone (Europe), CTM, Sky Racing and many others.

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