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MComms Multiview: Multiview Monitor for online streaming

Most video encoding software and servers provide very limited (if any) ability to monitor the health of video streams. MComms Multiview (formerly MComms Monitor) provides an easy and reliable way to monitor multiple streams at the content level, with on-screen preview and SNMP traps.


When many operators have completed setting up large scale video encoding solutions, the next question they often ask is: "How do I do ensure that my service is running 24 hours a day, how do I mesure my SLA?" Until now there were only a limited number of options.
MComms Monitor software checks an unlimited number of live or on-demand video streams at the CONTENT level. It displays the video image and audio levels on screen for all streams, and generates SNMP alarms if a stream fails, providing complete service assurance.

MComms Multiview connects to your streaming server in the same way as your customers do.  It then receives the streams and checks that the audio and video can be decoded and raises an alarm for failed streams.
Video streaming operators can use MComms Multiview to display all their video streams on the wall of a Network Management Centre, or just on the screen of a desktop PC for fast testing of multiple streams. With a "traffic light" display in the GUI for each stream, operations and Maintenance staff can see at a glance which streams have problems. The number of streams that can be simultaneously displayed is limited only by the available screen real estate.
MComms Multiview is used by the world leading video streaming operators like ESPN, Vodafone, Singtel-Optus, Discovery Channel, Disney, PCCW and many others.