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Transcode Monitor

Web Streaming, Mobile TV, OTT

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MComms Transcode is the ideal low cost video encoding solution for the conversion of Broadcast/Satellite TV to live mobile TV.

Live broadcasts can be input to MComms Transcode via MPEG Transport Stream over UDP or SDI/Composite/etc and simply converted in real time to formats for all mobile phones.  Output streams can be configured in a multitude of formats and optimized by adjusting frame rates, video resolution, compression types and video size. This enables live TV and Satellite broadcasts to be viewed on the widest variety of mobile handsets across all the major brands and operating systems.

Streams from MComms Transcode can be viewed at very high quality using the native video player software on the widest ranges of devices such as Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Samsung, LG and other handsets. Outputs can also be configured for internet video streaming in Windows Media and Flash formats for laptops and desktops.

MComms Transcode provides a high availability solution with low latency that can be cost efficiently scaled to deliver hundreds of channels for much lower cost than hardware encoders.  MComms Transcode is the only mobile video encoder with fully redundant inputs/outputs and instant failover, which enables you to source multiple feeds from Broadcast, Satellite or all other sources including the internet and still provide a highly reliable service.

MComms Transcode supports a wide variety of video capture cards like Osprey, Blue Fish and most other cards. Transcode has a low CPU load and fully integrates with most video streaming servers like Darwin, Wowza, RealNetworks Helix, Alcatel PVServer etc.
MComms video transcoding software is highly scalable and very economical enabling 12+ channels (each with 16 outputs) of live content to be encoded on one server, our flexible software licensing models can be structured to suit all business requirements.  Licensing models include: a one-time license purchase, ideally suited for continuous live streams delivered by broadcasters, mobile operators or content providers, or a monthly rental fee often suitable for special events, corporate usage or one off broadcasts.
MComms Transcode is a complete video encoder for converting multi-channel video from capture cards to the widest variety of formats in the best quality.